Master Bath, the inside story

I explained the trouble we had with the master shower pipes and floor pan leaking into the music room.  We had made a bit of progress inside the bathroom getting the shower rebuilt.  This project seems to be one step forward and two steps back at almost every turn.  Unfortunately, I failed to get a picture of the shower prior to demo.

We had hoped to be able to reuse at least a portion of the marble in the new shower.  We contacted nearly everyone we could find to get a quote to polish and cut the old marble.  Waiting to figure this out has kept this project at a standstill for nearly a month. Only one quote came back.  The price tag? $3,500!  This would only put marble on the bottom three feet of the new tile shower. The marble is old and nobody wants to cut it.  It is also nearly an inch thick. As much as we had hoped to reuse the original marble and have it be a feature in the updated bath it just isn’t in our budget.  Our plumbing and heating problems have dipped into a lot of our renovation budget.


Slabs of marble removed from shower

Close up of marble Needs a good polish!

Close up of marble
Needs a good polish!

So off we went to the tile store.  Deciding what to put in was a difficult task.  The bathroom has the original cream subway tiles on the walls and a black and hex tile that is not original on the floor.  (The original floor was, you guessed it: marble! At some point it was tiled OVER)  Modern tile will not match either of these.  We decided to do a more contemporary shower so it doesn’t look like we tried to match the existing features and fell short.  Hopefully we will have tile up by the end of the week to show you.

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