Fabulous Facelift

The boys are on spring break this week and somehow Matt is the one who ended up going out of town. I decided to tackle the kitchen while he is gone.  I asked oldest son for some help and he pretty much completed the project on his own.  I did some of the prep and all of the clean up but he took on the painting. Here are my before and after pictures!

We took off the rusted and nasty brass hardware and replaced them with an eclectic mix of hand painted pumpkin knobs I found on Amazon.  We removed the gold decorative piece from the center and I am really pleased with how they look.  The cobalt blue is similar to the blue in my sunflower tiles.  I had actually painted the cabinets in our house on Craigwood this same color. Even though the color is darker than the oak, the kitchen feels brighter.

The old cabinets had a latch that kept the doors closed.  They were rusted and some were missing.  We solved the problem of how to keep the doors shut by adding a little magnet latch inside.


I know we will eventually do a complete remodel in the kitchen but for now it looks and feels new and I  LOVE this new look.