The Magic Window

It is finally feeling like August around here.  The days are hot and humid which is bad for us.  Construction on our house began in 1901.  We have a boiler system for heating the house.  That means no air conditioning.  Most days it is not a problem.  We open the house at night, turn on the whole house attic fan and things cools off nicely.  We all have a box fan in our bedrooms to help keep those rooms comfortable for sleeping.  During the day I close up the house.  The walls are 18-28 inches thick.  They do a good job of insulating the house.

The problem arises when the nighttime temperature stays high or we have a few hot and humid days with no break from the humidity at night.  Then it is a little more challenging. We also have a mystery involved.

The window in youngest daughter’s bathroom is super cute.  Her room faces the south side of the house and most of the heat from the day creeps in that side, except from the bathroom window.  I can not figure out why but there is ALWAYS a pleasant breeze coming in this window.  The bedrooms have warm air coming though and this window, which is right next to those, still has a nice breeze coming through.

I am sure an engineer could explain why this is so but we like the idea that we have a magic window in our house and I do not want to spoil that.


The little arched bathroom window is magical!

DSC_0361 DSC_0365

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