Overnight Guests

There was a lot going on here this past week. When we returned from our vacation we got ready to have our first over night guests. Of course our home is still a mess.  There are few places that are not undergoing some sort of work and still boxes in odd places waiting for me to decide where the contents belong.

We enjoyed spending time with our friends from the windy city.  I was relieved that they were so excited for us and our mad adventure and didn’t walk in and say “What were you thinking?”  I am pretty sure most people think we are insane and we probably are a little bit.

They brought us a wonderful housewarming gift.

  • Salt:  That life may always have flavor.
  • Bread:  That this house may never know hunger.
  • Wine:  That joy and prosperity may reign forever.

They included a crucifix that I love.  Notice the ends of the cross?  Trefoils!  Thank you dear friend.


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