The Ninth Day of Christmas-The Study

It is unclear what the original use was for this room.  Some research says it was a library but that doesn’t seem likely to me.  If this room was originally a library, Mr. Tillinghast would certainly have had built in bookcases here.  The room is the same quarter sawn oak as the entryway with wainscoting that matches the staircase. There are repeats in miniature of the pillars from the entry and a beautiful beamed ceiling that is similar to that in the dining room.  There is a large closet that was clearly original and a hole in the floor that once had a maid call button. (The living room, dining room and music room also have these.)  The door hardware has the trefoil design found throughout the first floor.  Perhaps this was originally an office or study or just a more intimate sitting room.  The closet is the feature that confuses the issue.  Maybe it was a first floor bedroom?  Many of the home listings prior to when we purchased the house list eleven bedrooms.  This room with its closet would have to be included as bedroom to get to that count of 11.

In any case, this was the last room on the first floor that we put together.  It was an easy place on the first floor to leave the odd boxes that were still unpacked and were filled with items I just wasn’t sure where to put.  We could close the door and not see them.  This room also has horrible wallpaper (who picked the paper in this house and what were they thinking!!?) that needs to go.  The ceiling has been redone at some point and is painted red between the beams.  I like the way it looks and have decided to repaper this room instead of painting.  I haven’t found anything yet that I am willing to commit to.  I have been thinking about maybe finding a paper with a trefoil incorporated into the design or maybe a toil with a red that picks up the ceiling color.

We put up new lights and washed the woodwork and windows.  That is the extent of the transformation so far.  It looked cute with the Santa theme and was a great place to put my little Santa collection.



One thought on “The Ninth Day of Christmas-The Study

  1. Oh! I love the glass ornaments in the bookcases! They are beautiful works of art and well deserve such a fine setting. Bravo!

    So the study might have been a bedroom? Hmmmmm.
    Thank you for the generous hospitality. It was truly a magical time.
    Love to you all.


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