The eighth day of Christmas-The music room

The music room is the room that has had the biggest transformation.  This room was a mess when we moved in.  The ceiling was crumbling, the walls were held up by the horrible metallic gold/orange wallpaper and the floor had a very dramatic dip.  As you know, we had to remove all of the ceiling and most of the walls to repair the plumbing and the damage caused by the leaking master shower.  We were able to return the ceiling to its original height and added recessed lighting in place of the art deco chandelier that was added in the late 90’s-very pretty but doesn’t fit.  The room has a very modern feel with a nod to the original room.

For the Christmas tour we put up this artificial tree (that is now in the upstairs hall)


It is a pretty artificial tree but we wanted a fresh cut tree that we could put all the kids ornaments on.  We didn’t have time to get one before the tour and this looked fine there.

We did manage to get our fresh tree.  It is as wide as it is tall.  The kids decorated it with all their special ornaments and this was the tree Santa placed the gifts for the kids under.

The tree completely fills the room!  Even our 6 foot tall kids look small next to the tree.  I was having a hard time being in a new house for Christmas.  Having this tree up with all these familiar ornaments that mark the many shared Christmas memories helped this feel like home and not a house.

I was still having trouble figuring out what to do with the cabinets in this room when it occurred to me that I still had a lot of glass ornaments that I hadn’t used anywhere yet.  We got ornament stands and filled the cabinets with an assortment of Christmas items.  I like it so much that I may keep the glass ornaments on display inside the cabinets.

The confessional window also got a little Christmas decorating.  Which was a good thing as we filled the house with priests, a deacon and a seminarian at our holiday open house warming party and all the guests were fascinated or amused with our little window.


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