The End is in Sight!

The end of one construction job is in sight.  Sadly, it is the street construction in front of our house and none of the projects still underway inside.  Don’t even ask me about the master bathroom!

Our house is on a corner lot.  The side of the house with our driveway is on a fairly busy street and the lot extends a full block on this side.  Road construction began about 10 days after we moved in and has been going on all summer. The road has been one way in different directions throughout the project as they completely tore the road out and rebuilt it.

The neighborhood association has worked along side the city engineer to keep the project moving and preserving the historical integrity as much as possible.  I have been so impressed with the city engineer.  He is out here all day, every day.  He has kept us well informed about the project and given us much appreciated notice when access to our driveway has been limited or restricted.

The project included removal of the original sandstone sidewalk sections and the original brick road that remained under the pavement.  We were able to keep the sidewalk sections for our own use.  The brick was salvaged to use in repairing the one original brick road in the neighborhood and installed as accent pieces on the corners.

DSC_0212 - Copy

Sandstone sections that will be a new patio in our side yard

DSC_0219 - Copy (2)

A few bricks that got left behind

recycled road bricks at cross walks

recycled road bricks at cross walks

They also used pieces of the sandstone and the bricks to make a decorative base around the areas where new lamp posts will be installed.

Lamp Post Base

Lamp Post Base


They have narrowed the road in an attempt to limit cut through traffic and speeding.  A bike path will be added on the other side of the road and on street parking will be allowed on the east side of our driveway which will be nice for guests.

While I really want some of our projects to find their way to completion, I will be happy to see the road construction wrapped up. (Hopefully with this project completed I can add window washing to the to do list.)  It looks beautiful and makes me happy to be part of this new neighborhood.

DSC_0218 - Copy

Our new sidewalk and driveway apron. You can see the indent for on street parking.

DSC_0217 - Copy

The other side of the driveway

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