Fun Facts

Our house has many beautiful features which were the reason we fell in love with it.  There are also some odd, interesting, fun things we have discovered.  I thought you might enjoy some of these quirky or fun facts and will try to do some short posts with these occasionally.

Here is the first one.  One of our favorite things about the house is the three paneled stained glass window in the main staircase.  Now that the Pepto-Bismol pink paint is gone the whole stairway fills with beautiful rose tinted golden light when the sun is shining.


Great shot to see all the colors


Notice the light reflected on the walls

Oddly enough though, from the outside this window isn’t visible at all!


DSC_0642 (2)

The fire escape partially blocks it but at some point Plexiglas was put over the outside of the windows.  I am not sure if it was to protect them or to help with insulating them in the winter.  We are seriously considering taking out the fire escape and I would like to either remove the Plexiglas or replace it with something that will allow more light through the window and make it visible from outside.  It just seems odd that this lovely feature is hidden from the outside.

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