Was that really a typical day?

Clearly I am going to have to get adjusted to what typical will mean in this house.

There were all kinds of projects underway.  The gutters are coming along but not finished.  Here are the promised after pictures:

DSC_0333 - Copy - Copy DSC_0337








Late in the afternoon I noticed a couple walking past the house and taking pictures.  I was sure they were just admiring the new gutters.  They definitely catch your eye.

I went out to try to move the truck that the girls had parked in a weird angle in the driveway.  The admirers  came up and asked if I was the owner.  This question always catches me off guard.  Matt is the people person in our marriage and he is happy to talk to anyone about the house.  As anyone who knows me is aware, I am very uncomfortable talking to people I do not know. Uncharacteristically, I engaged in a conversation.  It turns out that Ashley is working on a book about Jeep. She and her sister Brittany are The Jeep Girls.  When she told me this I had to laugh because I knew they had visited the house before and I had seen her blog post about coming here when I was googling everything I could find about the house online before we bought it!  She was interested in the house because she is working on a book about Jeep (is that correct Ashley?)

We inherited more Jeep history papers, articles and pictures than house papers and history documents.  The fact that John North Willys lived here is probably the reason the house attracts so much attention.

When I realized Ashley and Fred were passing through on their way back to the west coast I invited them in for a peek at the first floor.  This was so out of character for me but honestly they didn’t feel like strangers.  I enjoyed their brief visit and hope they will stop back anytime.  Maybe next time the house will be ready for a more extensive tour, including Mr. Willys’ office in the basement.


One thought on “Was that really a typical day?

  1. Are you sure you’re not the people person? Actually, I know exactly what you mean because I’m the same way. If I speak to a stranger my husband looks at me like I have 2 heads because it’s so out of character. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


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