Just another day…

Or not.  Today is crazy here!  Oldest daughter had six friends sleep over to celebrate her birthday.  The dog had a grooming appointment, plumber is scheduled and the gutters are being replaced.

At 8:30 this morning all of this happened:  (At the exact same time!)

  • Phone rings, groomer is here to do the dog.  I know his appointment was scheduled for the salon because the mobile groomer wasn’t available for another week.
  • Front Doorbell rings.  Gutter guys are finally here to put up the new gutters.  They need to know where they can plug in an extension cord.  As far as I know there isn’t an outside outlet. Surprised to see them actually.  This is about the fourth time we have been told they will be here “tomorrow.”
  • Back door opens and the other dog is barking.  The plumber is here.
  • One of the teenagers is trying to leave out the side door because she has to work.

Needless to say it was chaos.  Trying to get the dog to stop barking, sort out the mix up with the groomer, say good bye to sleepover guest and talk to the gutter guy all at the same time.

I am now down to just the gutter guys, two plumbers, contractor to undo the shower wall and three remaining sleepover guests.  Hopefully two plumbers will mean more progress on the shower, the gutters can get installed and the dog will actually get groomed today.

Will post before and after pics of the new gutters later today.  We are being very brave and put up copper COLORED gutters.  They contain no actual copper so don’t try to take them down and haul them to the recycling center for some quick cash!

One thought on “Just another day…

  1. Never a dull moment in the mansion, eh? What will you do not be bored when the kids all leave the nest, and the nest is all fixed up???

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