Moving. Never Again.

Six months passed since we fell in love with this crazy house.  We closed on our house and had two weeks to get out of our very nice suburban home.  Our “new” house had been vacant for some time.  The heat didn’t work (thank goodness it was May!)  The house was filthy from top to bottom.  Of 36 plumbing fixtures, three were in working condition.  We had the plumbers in the house more often than us before move in day but when move in day came, we had two working toilets, cold water to the kitchen sink, one bathroom sink and two showers.  But no hot water.  I seriously questioned our sanity.

Moving a family of six is never easy.  Moving into a mansion was unbelievably difficult.  We spent the better part of the weekend getting things here and managed to get the beds together and the kitchen unpacked.  The rest has been a slow process.

I told the kids the next time my husband and I move we will pack a suitcase and walk out the front door.  The house and everything in it will be left for them to deal with.  I am not moving again.  We better love it here.

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