First Projects

mallory before

Youngest Daughter’s before picture. She got first room choice since she will live here longest. She picked the smallest room because she loved the stained glass.

The kids all wanted to have their rooms painted before we moved in.  Oldest son painted his room grey.  It is a vast improvement over the yellow that was there.  Younger son is out of the house in an apartment off campus for now so we didn’t have to do anything in what will be his room yet.  Oldest daughter chose a pretty minty green.  Her walls are in rough shape due to water damage so we just painted inside her decorative wall moldings for now.  It feels clean and looks nice.  Youngest daughter went with Tiffany blue and silver trim.  She is really happy with her choice.


After! We think the paint makes the room look so much bigger. This blue feels like a teenage girl color. The hunter green felt like a gentleman’s study color.

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