Still Surprised!

After living here almost four years, it seems like we have discovered most everything there is to know about our house. So I was very surprised today as I was dusting. No, it isn’t surprising that I WAS dusting. I do that a lot! Matt has been working hard on the back staircase to repair the walls and freshen up the stairs. (I will post the before and after as soon as he is finished.) I have spent a lot more time recently looking at the back stairs. The back staircase is not fancy but very functional except for the bottom of each run has this detail:

Decorative ends on the banisters.
Simple newel posts

Today as I was dusting the main stairs, I realized that the bottoms of those banisters have the same detail!

Same decorative finial at the bottom as the back stairs!

Although everything about the entry stairs is grand and fancy, I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that at least a little of the detail is carried over into the back stairs.  So many patterns and details in the house are repeated. 

One thought on “Still Surprised!

  1. Just to let you know that the Toledo Lucas County Public Library has the blueprints for your house, I am in the process of scanning them now…….I am the special collections librarian and also in charge of the architectural drawing collection at the library……….


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