Farewell Cowboy Room, Hello Beach!

Oldest daughter has not slept well since we moved.  A year ago!

Her bedroom adventure reminds me of The Princess and the Pea!  First, we tried getting her a king size bed because her double felt like doll house furniture in her very large room.  Next we tried the bed in several different places.  Still not sleeping well.  We got new curtains.  Didn’t help.  Tried several different fans for white noise.  No difference.  Since she stopped using her bathroom when it got cold and uses our master/hall bathroom instead she decided to try some different bedroom options.  She tried the blue room on the third floor.  She did better there for a little while but not a huge improvement.  A few  weeks ago, her room was really hot and she couldn’t fall asleep so I put her in the cowboy room.  She slept great. I thought it might be because she was so exhausted but she tried it for a few more nights  and decided she really liked it.

DSC_0457 - Copy

The “cowboy” room was a guest room.

We never got around to actually painting and decorating her room here.  Honestly, I have never been good about doing the kids room.  We switched them around a lot.  I never did a nursery with a theme.  I could blame the kids early arrivals on that but I probably wouldn’t have done the whole theme room either way.  We promised the girls as part of moving here that we would actually “do” their rooms.  Youngest is very persistent and knew what she wanted so hers did get done.  Older daughter is the opposite in every way.  She is our go along girl.  She never made a decision about her room colors.  She never complained about her room.  We didn’t give her room much thought.  Apparently she has been unhappy in her partially done room and sure if she switched rooms, we wouldn’t get the new one done either.  I told her if she made some choices we would gladly get her room done.  It has been about 10 days and she FINALLY picked color .  I think she wanted something brighter but I managed to talk her into these colors:

Rushing Stream


Burning Coals


The room looks a lot different now!  The mural was on the wall where she has placed the bed.

The closet in the room she is moving from is the best one in the house.  It is big with tons of built ins.  The closet in this new room has a sink and then a very small closet space with one shelf and a short bar for hanging clothes. The sink works but the water flow is inadequate.  Time to get the plumber back.  The sink in the closet is a bit of a mystery.  All the other bedrooms on the second floor have a full bath.  We can’t figure out why this one has only a sink and the sink appears to be original to the home.  There was a sink in the room off the master that we use as our walk in closet.  We know that sink was put in when that room was converted to a bedroom when the priests resided here.  The purpose of this sink is a mystery but since oldest daughter has been sing our shower, the sink gives her a place to brush her teeth and wash her face so it is going to work for her.

There is not enough storage in their for a teenage girl.  Even one who isn’t really concerned with having a lot of clothes and dresses more for comfort than style.  As part of moving her into this smaller room, we agreed to clean up the hall closet next to this room for her to store things in.

More on that project soon.  It has proven to be more work than getting the bedroom ready! Here is a peek at the closet…


Yes, there are three different colors of green paint in here! None of them is a good green color.


We still need to finish painting the closet and move all her things in here.  I will look for some “beachy” décor to complete the look and make new curtains but we are getting close and she is certainly sleeping better which was the best part.








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