I can see clearly now…

the tree is gone! 

See the giant tree on the right hand side of the picture?  The one behind the van? It is a mulberry tree planted at the edge of the driveway.  I failed to take a before picture but this is from around 2010 I believe.  The mulberry was providing some nice shade but it produced so much fruit.  The birds sat in the tree and ate the berries.  Then we had berries falling on the cars and driveway as well as all the birds pooping on the cars.  It was a huge mess.  As the berries fell to the ground, they began to rot.  Now we had an awful stinky mess!  Not sure who thought mulberry trees were a good idea.  There are three here now and the previous owner removed one that was in front of the porch.  Since they are all about the same size and evenly placed, I am guessing they were put there intentionally.  The tree guy estimates they are about 50 years old.

Larry the tree guy came and took the mulberry down Saturday.  We are missing the shade but not the mess. He will be back in the next few weeks to take out the mulberry near the center of the yard as well as a couple of dead/near dead trees and three junk trees that stick out into the center of the yard.  Once the trees are gone and we clean out all the “volunteers” and other scrub brush from the yard, we plan to put up a privacy fence.  It will be great to have this part of the yard connect to the small part of the yard that is fenced now.  We hope it will feel like the property is all connected.

Next spring we will (hopefully!) add a pool.  It looks a lot different with the tree gone.  We will have to get used to it for sure.

They don’t have anything to do with the tree being removed but here are two more pictures from the yard that I thought my in-laws would like to see!


New urns we got last weekend.  There are six!


Youngest daughter’s passion flower

One thought on “I can see clearly now…

  1. Oh my goodness, can I ever relate to the mulberry tree issue; someone from Toledo’s early days must have really liked them, because like weeds, they seem to be ubiquitous (and they grow so quickly)! In our neighborhood, pine trees rule; their cones and sap can also create quite a mess.

    Of course while trimming or eliminating some trees is necessary, we are blessed in metro Toledo to have so many trees; we literally could not live without them. I love following the progress of your renovation. As I often say, preservation is the ultimate act of recycling, so enjoy the adventure of turning your historic house into your family home!


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