Not the Worst Yard on the Block!

It has been just over a year since we moved in.  This past week was the Old West End Festival.  A chance to show off our great, eclectic neighborhood.  We had been here less than a week when festival came around last year and while we might not have had the worst yard in the neighborhood, it was probably  in the top ten.  We worked very hard to make some big improvements before this festival weekend.  I am sure most of the neighbors have been able to calculate the extent of work that has gone on inside the house (based on the contractor trucks in the driveway) and I am sure they appreciate all the effort that no one will ever see but we wanted to put some effort into the yard that would be very much on display to the thousands of guests visiting.  Our house and lot is very visible in the neighborhood and I would guess this house is probably the most recognized.

Here are some pictures of the yard now.  You’ll have to look back at the posts from Spring Has Sprung…? and The Neglected Garden to really appreciate the difference.


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