Finally, The twelfth day of Christmas

The Tour de Noel was a great success.  It is estimated that over 1000 people went through our home.  My twelve days of Christmas posts have shown you most of what was seen on the tour.  We only showed the first floor.  I have a hard time imagining people going through the bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor as those are very personal spaces.  Nobody needs to see where we sleep and brush our teeth.  At our open house party a lot of guests took it upon themselves to open the closed doors and go into those spaces.  I was surprised that our friends and coworkers forgot that this is a family’s home.  Closed doors are closed for a reason.  It is one of the aspects of living in an historic home that is difficult for me.  Where do you draw the line sharing this piece of history while still maintaining your privacy.

In case you were wondering. I have a lot of Christmas trees.  Every room had a tree and I have a collection of small trees as well.  People always ask how many trees there are.  If you count everything, big and small there are over 120.  Of course that number is open to interpretation on what qualifies as a Christmas tree.  But that is the number the kids came up with.

Here are some more of the pictures of the spaces that were on the tour:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Christmas decorations will start coming down tomorrow. (The kids tree did decide Epiphany Sunday was the last day it wanted to be up and promptly fell over at midnight!)  The house will feel a little bare without the decorations.  It was nice to have so many familiar things out that held so many family memories for us.  It made the house feel more like our home.  With the home projects behind us for the moment, I hope to start some of the fun things about having a new house, putting up pictures and finding the right furniture and accent pieces to make the space our own.

Did I mention that I am sitting here now waiting for the plumber?

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