Days of Christmas Continues

I realize with the holiday madness I fell behind a bit on my twelve days of Christmas.  Since the 12 days of Christmas is the time between Christmas and Epiphany, I am only a little behind at this point.


Day Six: The grand staircase

This was one of the first places I decorated.  I was able to borrow the garland from a neighbor which was a big help.  I was surprised that the garland for her grand staircase exactly fit the sections of my staircase!  I added the silver trim and bows to go with the décor in the entry and really like the way this looks.

The woodwork on the stairs is one of my favorite things in our house.  The quarter sawn oak is beautiful.  Rumor has it that a group of craftsmen from Germany came over and lived on site during the construction of the house just to complete the magnificent woodwork.  This is a prime example of their craftsmanship.

With the pepto bismal pink walls gone, the  garland and white lights with bits of silver really highlight the space. I love he way the lights sparkle and reflect off the wood.   The stained glass windows feel grand and elegant.

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