Second Day of Christmas

The butler’s pantry is one of my favorite features.  Who would have thought you NEED a butler’s pantry when there is no butler in residence?  Ours has beautiful tiger oak cabinets with huge linen drawers, glass front cabinets on top with a neat adjustable shelf system, and space to lay put platters.  The opposite wall has the original marble sink with eight faucets that are still a bit of a mystery.  It is believed they were for hot and cold city water and hot and cold softened water to each side of the sink.  There is an original butlers ice box.  Heaven forbid he would need to go through the kitchen to the ice box ROOM to get your creamer!  The pantry also is home to a large silver safe behind a set of oak doors.  The silver safe is a Toledo product manufactured by the Pixley safe and lock company.  The lock has been disabled but we have the combination and may have it be a working safe again.  Above the cabinets are window wells that allow natural light into the servants staircase.

My nutcracker collection seemed to be the perfect addition to this room’s holiday décor.

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