November was the shortest month!

There has been a lot going on here.  So much in fact that I have not had time to sit and write about any of it.  I still can’t figure out what happened to November and soon Christmas will be here.

The big change is the heating system for the first floor has been completed.  It was a very difficult decision as to repair the first floor heat exchangers or upgrade the first floor to gas forced air.  I the end the new gas forced air system won out.  First it was slightly less expensive, it should be more economical to operate and we have the option of adding air conditioning to the first floor now.

Being the owners of a historic home adds a new dimension to the decision process.  We want to preserve and maintain the features and history of the home of course but it is our family’s home and that plays into the decision process as well.  We want to keep whatever we can original while making our family comfortable here.  A few of the decisions were forced upon us (such as the heating dilemma and master shower) because previous owners had not been good caretakers.  Many years from now when the home gets a new family, we don’t want people to come in and say the same of us.  The house is one of the gems in this neighborhood and we want to keep it that way.



DSC_0040 - Copy

Old heat exchanger

DSC_0042 - Copy

boiler pipes

DSC_0049 - Copy

heat exchangers were inside these giant wooden boxes

DSC_0047 - Copy

The pipes also in wooden boxes

DSC_0039 - Copy

Heat exchangers visable after boxes were removed

DSC_0209 - Copy

The dumpster after all the pipes and wood boxes were removed from the basement


We are still learning how to balance out the two heating systems.  The biggest problem is the grand staircase acts like a giant chimney and funnels heat from the first floor up to the second floor hallway where the boiler thermostat is located.  The third floor seems to be overly warm regardless of the temperature in the rest of the house.  Then there is the problem with heating the kitchen and laundry room.   Currently they are not in either system.  Still working on a solution for that!



DSC_0711 - Copy

New Furnaces


No more boxes

DSC_0712 - Copy

New ductwork

DSC_0713 - Copy

Boilers-still working!

3 thoughts on “November was the shortest month!

  1. Can you get a return duct in? My friend’s dad said that he used to live in a converted barn that had a duct with a blower in it that simply took the air near the ceiling and blew it out near the floor and that kept the place warm.


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