What to do with the cabinets.

The plumber had found many of the original tags that indicated what each room was.  We know the room adjacent to the living room was intended to be the music room.  It has the beautiful built in mahogany cabinets with leaded glass doors.  My dilemma is what do you put in these cabinets??  I do not have a collection of anything that is looking for a place to be displayed.  I think a display of things on a coffee table or mantel or hutch looks beautiful in people’s home and on all the design shows on TV but that isn’t something I have ever done.

Now I have this entire room of cabinets designed to display something and I don’t have the first clue what to do with them.  The cabinets and shelves are labeled and numbered.  Perhaps the priests used this a library? I can’t see a family needing to label the shelves where they would keep their books or display their knick knacks.  But if this was indeed designed as a music room in 1901 what would Mr. Tillinghast have used these for?


The cabinets are only eight inches deep so not many books published then would fit. If it was a music room, would you keep sheet music in the cabinets?  There are also drawers at the bottom so I am really stumped.


They look very pretty, especially with the new lighting in the room but I suppose I am going to have to figure out some practical use for them.  I had considered stocking them as a giant liquor cabinet but the bottles are all too tall.

And they already found a home in the butler's pantry!

And they already found a home in the butler’s pantry!

I do have books.  In fact, I have A LOT of books but I am not sure I want to draw attention to my eclectic collection of reading materials.  Any suggestions?

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