Checking Things Off the List

There has been a lot of action at our home in the last few weeks.  The kids are all back in school and we have been hosting family from both coasts and from another country.

Our home is far from completed and is still in fact a construction zone but we did manage to knock a few items off the list before all the guests arrived.

The biggest project to come off the to do list was the completion of the third floor bathroom.  The bathroom that was here when we bought the house looks like it came from a 1970 mobile home.  Really, it was that bad.

DSC_0342 DSC_0341

This little bath was wedged in under the rafters.  You stepped up one step from the narrow hall into this nightmare.  There is carpet on the floor and none of the fixtures is working.  Rather than remodel this awkward and ugly space we decided to convert the smallest of the four third floor bedrooms into a new bathroom.  They say bathrooms and kitchens are good investments and I don’t think having eight bedrooms instead of nine will negatively impact our home value.


The smallest bedroom as we began our project

The closet before becoming the toilet room

The closet before becoming the toilet room

The project was a great success.  We are really pleased with how everything turned out.  There are still a few loose ends to finish, trim pieces to put back up, a new light fixture in the toilet room but it certainly made having guests here easier.

new toilet room

new toilet room

DSC_0451 - Copy

Cute bathroom!

DSC_0448 - Copy - Copy

Brand new but still reflects the vintage charm of the house

There are still plenty of bathrooms that need some attention but it was nice to have the third floor one completed.  All the other full bathrooms in this house are en suites so this is the only bathroom that is accessible from a hallway.  Much nicer option for guests than to have to go through someone’s bedroom to get to a shower.  Oddly, the master bath will also have hallway access once it is finished.  Work is under way on that one again this week and we may finally have a master shower by the weekend!

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