Then and Now

The exterior of the house appears to have changed very little in the past 100 years.  The black and white photo was taken before the carriageway was enclosed.  The landscaping looks better in the “then” photo.  Our landscaping is in need of an overhaul for sure.  At some point a “weed garden” was planted.  Actually put in… intentionally!  It has thrived and very little remains that will stay.  Our road is currently under construction so I hate working out in the yard.  The stacks of boxes still waiting to be emptied also are a deterrent to getting the outside cleaned up.  You would think with 8,300 square feet of house it would be easy to put everything away!

2210 Robinwood




There is a lovely park across the street maintained by the Women of the Old West End.  Since this is my view out the front of my house, my weeds and overgrown landscape feels less pressing.  Of course everyone using the park gets to enjoy the view over here.  I have been told that having the grass cut and some maintenance being done is a vast improvement from years past. I did bring a fair number of hosta from my extensive collection from the old house. They are all still waiting to find a home here.  All in good time…


Front “flower” bed


Front door


Side Yard


Park across the street

2 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Laura, you write beautifully, and very funny! We are enjoying this blog enormously and look forward to it. It’s almost like being there! Many congratulations and a Marnie pat to you.


    • I really started writing so you and the rest of our friends and family who are far away can feel like they are part of the journey. I am sure there will be many changes by the time you visit. I hope people feel like they aren’t missing out on the adventure.


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